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I grew up on a mission station in Zambia and from the age of 6, attended a boarding  school called Sakeji, which is situated near the source of the Zambezi river. After Grade 9, I wrote the Cambridge GCSE exams at Kabulonga School for girls in Lusaka  then completed my matric university entrance qualification at Greenside in Johannesburg, South Africa.  I continued studying for B.A (Economics) with UNISA but unfortunately missed out on writing the last two exams. In 2016 I completed the Core Module from The RZIM Academy on Christian Apologetics.  

I spent many years working in the computer industry  when I worked for large South African and international corporations.

During this time I visited and supported the charity work of my sister, Sally McKibbin who moved to the NKomazi region (then the Kangwane Homeland, Eastern Transvaal, SA) in 1986. She was a major role-player in helping the refugees at Komatipoort who were fleeing  the atrocious 15-year war in Mozambique.  I was very proud to accompany her to Buckingham Palace in 1991 when she received an MBE from Queen Elizabeth!

In 2000, I moved to Schoemansdal village in the Nkomazi region to help establish the charity, Thembalethu Nkomazi, at the peak of the HIV pandemic. I helped formulate strategic plans and set up the administration and data-base programs and was responsible for youth development and the HIV prevention program. We formed the highly successful Youth-in-Action (YiA) program and implemented many projects that had a radical impact on the community. This included publishing a weekly community newspaper for 8 years.

During this time I  worked with many donor and development agencies and my diverse personal experience enables me to juxtapose developed and developing communities.

I now live in England and miss all the people I worked with – and of course – the blue skies and hot weather of Africa!

I am passionate about everyone’s right to dignity and equality and firmly believe that people from any background can achieve the highest goals.

I do hope you will enjoy the book and please feel free to send in your comments.


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  1. Congratulation on publishing TiNyiko’s Song!

    You already had the passion for writing during us working for the computer company in Johannesburg.

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