Real events woven into fiction

TiNyiko’s Song is a powerful story inspired by the author’s charity encounter working in a rural area in South Africa that borders with Mozambique and Swaziland. 

In this mesmerizing read, readers explore the historical and current social norms of South Africa, and colorful dialogue creates a reading full of compassion, depth and uniqueness. The book is presented in a polished visual format. The cast of characters and other front matter, for example, aptly set the readers up for an amazing read. Varieties of events in all parts of the book flow evenly and consistently and cinematic overtones enable the book to read like a movie.

Profits from this book revert to Thembalethu Nkomazi to continue the work with vulnerable children. 

Author's Message - Enjoy and be challenged



Profits Will Fund a Social Project in South Africa

McKibbin’s novel invites readers to join in a riveting journey through the hardships faced by a young girl following her dream 

 MAITLAND, FLORIDA (USA)— In Heather S. McKibbin’s new book, TiNyiko's Song, readers will meet TiNyiko, a young girl brutalized by deep personal tragedy. The character finds herself catapulted from poverty into a music competition that offers all of the trappings of wealth and fame. Exploited by a morally corrupt producer and unable to escape the demons of her past, she finds herself standing on a vortex of evil that threatens to snatch away her innocence and deny her true love. The novel explores TiNyiko’s journey as she struggles to choose to pay the price for fame or call on her inner spiritual strength, which no amount of bullying or brutality can defeat, to find triumph in love.

“Africa will come alive,” states the author. “‘TiNyiko’s Song’ is a riveting book that weaves together real life events to form the fabric of the story of how a young girl has a startling spiritual encounter that gives her the power to triumph over personal tragedy and the temptations of wealth....

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Thandy is following her dream ...

I am grateful and thankful to Thembalethu for making me realize that I am not the victim of the past. What happened to me doesn’t have to define my future. But I can determine and choose my own path in life.  Without them, I couldn’t be where I am today.

I was born in 1990 in a small village called Schoemansdal, in the Nkomazi region. I spent all my childhood years in this village. Growing up I lived with my mother and my three younger siblings, a younger sister and two younger brothers. My mother was the closest relative I knew and she was our primary care-giver. She worked really hard to provide for us.


Thandy's background

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